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The New Global High Performance Fund

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The Opportunity - A True Macro Fund

UCITS III Fund Domiciled in Europe

A True Macro Fund Aiming at Absolute Return

Top-Down Asset Allocation Based on Innovative Liquidity Analysis

High Risks and Costs are Avoided; There is no External Leverage

Performance Often Beats Risky Global Macro Hedge Funds

What other Funds offer

  • Most global funds place their emphasis on stock selection

  • Macro asset allocation usually takes the form of small deviations from neutral weighting of an international index

  • Even 'global macro' funds are usually operated by stock pickers

  • As a result, performance suffers from stock exposure to bear-markets.... ....macro by name.

  • The facts: The facts: 80% of stock picking active funds under-perform the benchmark market indices. 90% of positive fund performance is due to macro asset allocation.

What we offer: A fund that...

  • focuses on international macro asset allocation

  • minimises stock picking

  • minimises risks (long positions, no external leverage)

  • aims to maximise absolute return

  • utilises our proprietary liquidity approach ....macro by name and nature and nature

Unique Features

  • Risks and costs are minimized, while returns can be highly attractive.

  • The fund management is independent of large corporate or financial groups.

    There are no conflicts of interest.

  • The fund is based in the safe and independent Principality of Liechtenstein. Fund assets are not taxed.

  • Investment Methodology

    How do we invest? Analysing credit creation (liquidity), our approach determines the state of the business cycle in each country and forecasts exchange rates. Based on this, long positions in assets are allocated globally.

    We tend to buy the entire equity market of a country where liquidity is rising (recovery phase), bonds of a country where liquidity is falling (downturn).

    We invest in equities (overall market exposure), bonds (mainly government gonds) and currencies.

    Fund Management Track Record

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    Legal Structure

    Fund Management:

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    Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK,
    Aeulestr 80,
    Vaduz FL 9490,
    Principality of Liechtenstein

    Mr Shuzo Yoshida
    Richard A. Werner

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    Liechtenstein FMA

    Investment Regulations

    The fund is denominated in US Dollars. The portfolio region is global, with no limitation.

    There is no lock-in period. The fund can be bought and sold on a weekly basis. Cut-off is Monday 12 noon during Liechtenstein office hours.

    Purchasing Channels: Euroclear.

    Earning are re-invested. The fund is not expected to be taxed in its domicile.

    Target Returns: Double-digit growth p.a.

    Performance is reported through major financial and fund information systems. Monthly reports are available on this web-site.


    Issuance Fee: 1%-4% (according to amount invested)

    Management Fee: 1.5% p.a.

    Performance Fee: 15% p.a (net returns › 6% p.a.)

    Please read the detailed Prospectus and the Investment Regulations before investing, and contact
    Also for further information about the investment advisor, please contact