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Providence Asset Management Ltd., Winchester, is chief advisor to the funds of the Profit Group. Providence Asset Management Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority, which has gained years of experience advising global hedge funds, pension funds, mutual funds, banks, corporate treasuries and selected private clients. It has gained an outstanding reputation in investment advice on global asset allocation and fund management.


Founder Richard Werner reveals that credit creation (liquidity) and not interest rates are the key to explaining and forecasting economic and currency cycles. Under Richard's active guidance, Profit Research Center Ltd. has shown that it is able to forecast turning points and market directions with a high degree of accuracy in s universe of almost 40 countries.
More about the methodology can be found in Richard's book 'New Paradigm in Macroeconomics' or by watching this Bloomberg TV interview (Part I and Part II).

The Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK is based in the Principality of Liechtenstein, giving the investors the benefit of a location in an independent state that is not part of the European Union and its controls, while its custodian bank is the state bank, Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG (LLB), majority-owned by the state. Since the Principality of Liechtenstein has no public debt, investors can enjoy the benefits of economic, financial and fiscal stability.
The Global Macro Trust is based in Austria, and denominated in Euro.
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The Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK and the Global Macro Trust benefit from the proprietary credit creation research of the Profit Research Center Ltd. and the fund management skills of Providence Asset Management Ltd. Our investment team has several decades of investment management experience in Asia, North America and Europe. The Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK has outperformed the CSFB Tremont Global Macro Index for many years. It was nominated as Best Global Macro Fund in Asia at the Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005. It was the receiver of the Germany Annual Hedge Fund Award 2009 in category Global Macro Single Hedge Fund.


Risk Management

The global liquidity analysis by Profit Research Center Ltd. is directly applied in the Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK (USD) and the Global Macro Trust (EUR). Both are true macro funds that take investment decisions on the basis of macro models. As UCITS III(IV) funds, there is no external leverage, giving investors the safety of lower liquidity, systemic and gap risk than funds using external leverage can offer. Please read the detailed offering documents before investing in these funds.

Transparency and Liquidity

The Profit Global Macro Fund AGmvK has weekly liquidity without lock-in. The Global Macro Trust has daily liquidity without lock-in. All NAVs are calculated independently by the custodian bank/administrator, and are final. Investors may follow the development of their investments by looking up the performance on this website, or by consulting the funds in the various fund databases.